Finest Swiss chocolate - since 1908

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made with passion and tradition

Felchlin has been the leading producer of noble Swiss chocolate and semi-finished products for more than a hundred years. As a niche producer based in central Switzerland, we work directly with cacao farmers and partners around the world to ensure our standards of quality, transparency and sustainability are met throughout all our processes, from cacao planting to our finished products.

Grand Cru

The finest cacao beans, extensive experience and passionate craftsmanship amalgamate to create noble couverture at Felchlin. Ten origin countries provide beans from their various provinces, which are then crafted in Switzerland to enable the complete unfolding of their unique, specific and intensive aromas.


Felchlin’s schooling centre, Condirama, offers different courses for bakers, pastry chefs and confectioners. In addition to world renowned guest course instructors, Felchlin’s own specialists share their profound knowledge with course participants.

Factory shop

Delve into the world of Felchlin. We offer a large selection of exquisite Grand Cru couvertures, baking specialties and selected chocolate creations in our own factory outlet in Ibach-Schwyz.

Product Highlights

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grand cru couvertures

Grand Cru begins with the selection of the perfect cacao. As a niche producer, Felchlin has specialized in creating the noblest Grand Cru couvertures.


The high quality, ready to use fillings are developed by Felchlin based on couverture, fruits, almonds or hazelnuts and are available in both soft, firm and crunchy textures.


Only the highest quality ingredients, such as Piedmont hazelnuts or Valencia almonds, are selected for Felchlin’s Giandujas and Gianduja base-masses.