in the Heart of Switzerland

The headquarters of the Felchlin chocolate manufactory have been located in Ibach SZ, in the heart of central Switzerland, for over a century.

Felchlin: Quality and Tradition

As a niche producer of exquisite couvertures, we set store by the finest Swiss quality and traditional manufacturing processes. And this is something that our 180 or so employees guarantee with their passionate, skilled and thorough approach, starting with procurement right through to the final processing step.

Focus on B2B Customers

Confectioners, bakeries, catering and industrial companies as well as renowned hotels all over the world: major and prestigious customers in the B2B sector rely on Felchlin’s expertise. We foster personal contact at all levels, which ensures that the broad product range can be continuously optimised, expanded and adapted to individual customer needs.

Board of Directors and Managing Director

Board of Directors

Marcel Müller

Thomas Truttmann

Christian Aschwanden

Max-Peter Felchlin

Joe Felchlin

Erik Amstad

Christoph Weber


Thomas Truttmann

Business Division

Patrick Baumann

Head of Business Unit Manufacturing
Ruedi Kalbermatten

Stefan Künzli

Mareike Toulas

Head B/U Innovation & Quality
Sepp Schönbächler