New Felchlin Chocolate Flavour World - 4 Dimensions: Emotions

In 2003 Max Felchlin AG launched an aroma wheel with accompanying taste profiles to describe its Grand Cru couverture product range, a concept that has been copied over the years. Felchlin has now expanded this concept and presents its new tool to simplify the daily interaction with various couverture for chocolatiers and pâtissiers. Together with clients and connoisseurs, Felchlin’s sensory and development team took one and a half years to create the professional and practical Aroma World.

Correct degustation

Take the time to experience Felchlin's World of Flavours.

Flavour and Aroma intensity
The new World of Flavours presents accumulated sensory and specific knowledge gained in a clear and practice orientated manner. The following points are described by Felchlin's new World of Flavours:
- Cacao intensity
- Aroma profile
- Combination possibilities
- Emotional components
The new and clearly organised presentation distinguishes the diverse tastes and aroma intensities while depicting associated emotions and possible combinations, thus considerably simplifying the application possibilities for chocolatiers and pâtissiers

Felchlin's New World of Flavours