World of flavours

Delight for all the senses

Savouring chocolate means appreciating it with all your senses. Enjoy the journey through the myriad of aromas and intensities and experience the unique character of each individual Felchlin Couvertures.

The whole world of flavours

Every cacao bean exhibits its unique, fascinating flavours that are coaxed to the forefront through traditional processing and ennoblement. Allow yourself to be inspired by our ideas on combining delicious couverture with different ingredients to make exquisite chocolate creations.

Correct degustation

1. Sight

Observe the colour and finish of the chocolate.

2. Hearing

Break the chocolate and hear the snap.

3. Smell

Rub the chocolate between two fingers and smell the aromas.

4. Taste

Allow the chocolate to melt on your tongue.

The Felchlin world of flavour

Cacao Intensity [Scale 1 to 10]

Every couverture is perceived to exhibit a different cacao intensity. The illustration "cacao fruit" represents the cacao intensity of the couverture on a scale from one to ten, ten being the most intense. Notice how the intensity varies depending upon the origin of the cacao.

Flavour/Intensity [Chronological Order]

The chronological order and the size of the "bubbles" represents the differing flavours and intensity of each flavour as they unfold in the mouth. Savour discovering the diversity of tastes.

Emotions [Character]

The pleasure of eating quality couverture releases many emotions. We have described the emotions we experience. What emotions are released in you?

Possibilities [Inspiration]

Be inspired by our recommendations of combining the couverture with a selection of fruits, nuts, spices, flowery or roasted aromas and other delicious ingredients.

Grand Cru Maracaibo

A journey to Venezuela!
Close your eyes and indulge in this valuable couverture with its harmonious combination of coffee and plum aromas, enhancing the distinct cacao flavour. A gentle aroma of orange blossom and cinnamon is enfold.