Baked specialities, fillings and other products

Unique Variety

For your consummate and masterful creations, Felchlin has everything that you could possibly need. The exclusive fillings, bakery specialties, glazes and decor products , together with patisse and friandise tartlet shells will both enhance and provide a unique taste experience to your creations.

Novel creations

Your individuality is combined with passion. Let us create something new and contemporary together, we heed your ideas, needs , special wishes and propositions. We are very happy to guide and advise you.

Koa cacao fruit juice

KOA cacao fruit juice consists of 100% cacao pulp and does not contain any additives. Produced in outstanding quality, the juice finds its way directly from Ghana's smallholder cooperatives to the pâtisseries and kitchens of the world.

Baked specialities

Ready-to-use almond pastes, almond and hazelnut baking pastes and fruit fillings, processed from the finest raw materials, complement the product range. Typical, authentic Swiss quality products are created using seasonal preparations such as pear or apple bakery masses.


Our high-quality, ready-to-use fillings based on couverture, fruit powder or almonds or hazelnuts are available in solid or soft form. The intensity of flavour of the fillings gives your creations a unique taste experience even in small quantities. It’s simple and straightforward to use, so you can easily create intérieurs for pralines or truffles, mousses, baked items and desserts.

Cacao products

With cacao paste, you can flavour creams or doughs superbly, and with cacao butter your fillings and creams can be stabilised. Cacao nibs and cacao powder can be used as ingredients in pastes, doughs, cakes and much more.


Simple and reliable handling in the coating procedure makes our glazes stand out. We develop the glazes with much care and in compliance with the highest quality standards. What makes them so impressive is their unmistakable brilliance, versatile uses and technical properties.

Base mixes and gianduja

Only the best raw materials such as Piedmont hazelnuts or Valencia almonds are used for our gianduja base mixes and giandujas. The premium nut varieties are roasted in the company's own production facility in Ibach. When combined with our Grand Cru couvertures, it creates a perfect base for pralines, baked goods, desserts, pâtisserie and gelati.

Caramel Crèmes

Are you looking for a firm caramel or a filling for the Bündner walnut cake? We recommend Caramel brûlé with Fleur de Sel or Cara-Molla for these and many other dishes. Prepare to be delighted!

Vegan Choc

Vegan products have been in vogue for some time. You can make your mark in this product segment with Vegan Choc Blanc and Vegan Choc Brun. They are suitable for the production of chocolate bars, confectionery and pralines, but without any raw materials of animal origin.

Confectionery base mixes

With eleven different colours, all made from cacaobutter, you can colour or decorate the surface of your pralines and chocolate works of art. Add a colourful touch.

Decorative items etc.

We offer a comprehensive range of decorative products and base mixes to inspire your customers from the very first sight. No matter whether it's a topping, chocolate chips, chocolate sprinkles or decorative marzipan: at Felchlin, you will find everything you need to put the finishing touches to your specialities and desserts.

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