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Unparalleled diversity

You will find everything you need at Felchlin to create your masterpieces. Exclusive fillings, glazes, decorating products, baking specialties, patisseries and friandises bestow an unparalleled taste to your creations.

New creations

Naturally we are happy to fulfil your individual needs. Together we can create unique products. We are delighted to implement our knowledge so that your own ideas evolve into new masterpieces.

For the individual taste

What ever direction your desired chocolate pleasure takes you: Felchlin’s developers will find the optimal cacao bean or the appropriate mix to suit your needs. Select your preference from over ten different origins, dozens of taste directions and four base couvertures (dark, milk, white and blond). From the bean to the chosen product, Felchlin takes responsibility for the acquisition and production of your couverture so that you receive a personal, exquisite product that pleases your palate.

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We use supreme raw ingredients such as Piedmont hazelnuts and Valencia almonds for our gianduja base masses and giandujas. We roast these noble nuts in our own factory in Ibach-Schwyz. Combined with our Grand Cru couvertures, the perfect base for pralines, bakery items, desserts, pastries and ice-cream is created.

Fillings & flavour pastes

Our high quality, ready to use fillings based on couverture, fruit powder, almonds or hazelnuts are available in a soft, hard or crunchy texture. Only a small amount of these highly flavourful fillings and pastes are required to lend your creations a unique culinary experience. The simple and rational application enables an efficient production of pralines, truffles, mousses, baked items and desserts.


Our four glazes (dark, milk, white and hazelnut) are distinguished through their simple handling when coating products. The glazes have been developed with great care and implementing the highest standards of quality which is reflected in their unmistakeable gloss, adaptable application and technical characteristics which convince the most demanding clients.

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Baking specialties

Ready to use almond masses, almond and hazelnut baking masses, fruit fillings and other baking specialties have been developed from premium raw components to round-off our selection. Seasonal products such as cherry or plum baking masses embody typical, authentic Swiss quality products.

Decorating products

We offer a wide range of decorating products and bases to delight your customers from their first glance. Whether decorating masses, chocolate shavings, chocolate chips, caramelized cacao nibs or marzipan, you will find everything you need at Felchlin to lend your specialities and desserts their final polish.

Patisseries & friandises

Our patisseries and friandises are based on a light, pure butter, short-crust pastry. Whether round, square, sweet, neutral or sprayed with a glazing mass, they are ideal for the rational production of mini-pastries, confectionaries, apero bakery items and patisseries.

Market performance concept

Our aim is to help our clients reach their full potential – that is why we offer much more than just high quality products. In the Felchlin client section you will find our concepts and ideas, recipes, tools and packaging which we continuously develop and enhance for your benefit. We will create customised products from a defined volume and share our ideas and outstanding service. Our development team is there to apply their know-how and experience to create your personalized perfect product.