Grand Cru begins with the selection of cacao beans. Max Felchlin has established itself as niche producer of noble Grand Cru couverture. The origin and quality form the basis for the noble Felchlin cacao specialties. Our couverture guidelines confirm the uniqueness and purity of each individual product.

The origin of the cacao, the demands for sustainable production, selected raw ingredients and the gentle ennoblement have been specifically defined and form part of the couverture guidelines.

The established close relationship between Felchlin and the cacao farmers and cooperation’s on location allows us to select the choice rare beans from each harvest. This makes it possible to create the exclusive Grand Cru Couverture Sélection which includes the noble cacao sorts Criollo and Trinitario. The complete transformation from the cacao bean to a noble and exclusive chocolate occurs in our own factory in Switzerland.