Finest couvertures

Felchlin produces genuine Swiss couverture in accordance with original recipes. Only selected raw ingredients such as Swiss milk and cream are used. The process, from the bean to the finished couverture, is completed in Ibach-Schwyz.

Responsible tradition

Origin and authenticity build the foundation for the noble cacao specialties at Felchlin. Our couverture standards ensure the uniqueness and purity of each of our products, from cultivation to finishing.

Sao Palme 75%

The gentle and traditional roasting process releases the original and intensive aromas of the noble "Amelonade Forastero" cacao bean, which grows in São Tomé. While savouring this unique couverture, an interaction between an intensive, well balanced cacao taste and a coffee "Ristretto", with a note of sweet prune and grapefruit, is experienced. The finish presents a pleasant slowly unfolding black tea flavour.


A balanced, white couverture with a pleasant whole milk note. The intensive processing in the conch reveals a delicate cream caramel flavour which is rounded with a subtle vanilla taste. The long lasting finish unfolds a mild, light acacia blossom honey note.

Bionda 36%

Felchlin’s couverture Bionda 36% captivates with its velvety, creamy caramel flavour. The warm blond colour highlights any creation. A simple and efficient application with a maximum flavour development is guaranteed when using Bionda 36%. This “blond” couverture with natural colour is incomparable and offers white and milk chocolate enthusiasts a genuine epiphany.

Your individual couverture?

Are you searching for a particular or individual couverture? Please ask – we are happy to present our large selection or create something unique and offer advice.