Chocolate couvertures


The genuine Swiss couverture is produced at Felchlin according to tried-and-tested original recipes. We use only selected raw materials, not only for the cacao, but also for the cream and milk powder of Swiss origin. The couvertures are manufactured from start to finish in Ibach-Schwyz.


Felchlin's fine cacao specialities are rooted in unadulterated authenticity. We adhere to our couverture guidelines to ensure the uniqueness and purity of every single product from cultivation to refinement.


The soil, nature and culture in the Felchlin Cacao regions bequeath on each cacao variety its own special character. At Felchlin, fine cacao from one of these 10 regions is processed into Grand Cru couvertures with passion and consummate craftsmanship. As unique as the flavours of the individual beans of origin are, they are mirrored by the multi-faceted demands of our customers. In addition to origin couvertures, we also create blends of certified organic chocolate couvertures in accord with the art of sensory analysis.

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Special couvertures

Felchlin has been producing couvertures without processed sugar since 2003 when Supremo 62%, Lacta 38% and Alba 36% were created and have subsequently been continuously improved. With the lactose-free couverture "Lacta", lactose-intolerant chocolate connoisseurs can now also enjoy the finest milk chocolate. Discover Supremo, Alba, Lacta and other innovative special couvertures.

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The use of chocolate is as versatile as its devotees. Depending on the specific application, different demands are made on the flow properties or the sugar content. For your creations in the bakery or fine baked goods sector, you will find bake- stable Chocolini, fine Suhum couverture organic batons in addition to other such perfected chocolates in our range.

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