On behalf of aroma and taste - series on the purchasing philosophy at Felchlin - Vanilla

The third part of our series focuses on the sourcing of vanilla. For our couvertures, we only use high-quality bourbon vanilla from Madagascar in the form of powder or extract. Our vanilla originates from three cooperatives in the Mananara Biosphere Reserve in the north-east of Madagascar. The traditional knowledge of the local population and the hot and humid tropical climate of the rainforest provide ideal conditions for the cultivation of this delectable Bourbon vanilla.

The production of a vanilla pod is an art in itself: In order to harvest vanilla pods after nine months of ripening, each vanilla flower is individually pollinated by hand. After harvesting, the pods go through several important steps of processing in order that the typical vanilla flavour can develop. From fermentation, which is activated by means of a hot water bath, to gradual sun and shade drying, and then onto quality control, the utmost care and precision is required.

Our long-standing import partner Pronatec, purchases organic and fair-trade vanilla directly from small farmers' organisations out of principle and is actively involved locally. Their values and fundamental principles fit perfectly with those of Max Felchlin AG. You can find more information about our vanilla here:

Organic bourbon vanilla directly from farmers in Madagascar (