Journey to the origin - Bolivia

On behalf of aroma and taste – A Felchlin style business trip

As stated in our Felchlin Sélection guidelines, we aim to be accustomed to the conditions in our different origins and therefore regularly visit our partners on site. At our company, Gerold Suter is the man who takes responsibility for this with the following example being a trip to Bolivia in conjunction with Felchlin FAIR DIRECT CACAO in December 2021.

The journey commences when a connecting flight in Bolivia cannot take place due to torrential rain and a strike. The waiting room is then converted into an office and subsequently the transfer to our partner, the Vacaflores family takes place overnight and is by car.

During a candid exchange with our partner and his staff, information is shared and further cooperation is discussed. Between appointments we take the opportunity to repeatedly descend into the breath-taking landscape. Afterwards, we go on to visit the region where the rare wild cacao grows and encounter the people who harvest the ripe fruit.

We also pay an official visit to the mayor of the province. The vast expanses of the territory are also of significant interest for the flourishing cattle industry. Partners such as Felchlin enable the authorities with their commitment to be able to preserve the wild cacao and the intact nature from other interests.

Word has now spread that we are in the vicinity. An invitation for an interview with the local TV station makes a welcome change and therefore concludes our work on the ground.