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We are constantly developing new recipe ideas with the aim of assisting our clients to succeed. Using Felchlin products and built on the competence of our specialists, our recipes are easy to understand and achieve a strong impact – both for the palate and the eye.

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Whether simple or complicated to prepare; whether with dark, milk, white or blond chocolate; our collection of recipes offers products for all tastes and preferences.

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Tart Gianduja Intenso

With: Gianduja D Intenso
Sao Palme 36%, milk couverture rondo
Cacao butter, grated cacao butter
Maracaibo Criolait 38%, milk couverture rondo
Sambirano 68%, couverture dark rondo



With: Edelweiss 36%, white couverture rondo
Cocos gianduja, gianduja white grated coconut

Pistacia Ganache

With: Ghana Nibs Qroqant, caramelized cacao granulate 2-3mm
Sao Palme 36%, milk couverture rondo
Sao Palme 60%, dark couverture rondo
Cacao butter, grated
Pistacia Vera, pistachio paste


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