seminars and courses

Felchlin offers diverse day courses for chocolatiers, pastry chefs, bakers and confectioners in their schooling centre Condirama. In addition to world renowned external course leaders Felchlin’s own specialists also share their profound knowledge.

International exchange of knowledge

Our world wide distributors regularly invite selected clients to participate in multi-day seminars in Condirama. The focus of these seminars is the exchange of information between specialists, the creation of new ideas and the realisation of exceptional recipes. The seminars also offer the opportunity to create recipes specifically to meet the preferences of individual countries.



To secure and continually improve on the high quality of our products, a schooled palate and refined sense of smell is necessary in addition to flawless raw ingredients. Our experienced sensory team trains regularly to ensure they can recognize and define the finest nuances.

application tests

When developing a product we consider all application possibilities in order to satisfy the high demands from the marketplace. Our specialists work with the development team and conduct a variety of application tests.

Development of recipes and concepts

We develop new recipes and ideas in our Condirama. Our creative specialists test new taste combinations and adapt classical recipes to meet current trends. Couverture from different origins constantly inspire our team anew.

professional competence

Felchlin world wide

Important aspects for the international market are demonstrations and events which we plan and conduct together with our distributors. Our distributors often combine their Felchlin visit with in-house training. Felchlin specialists travel to present new products, recipes and applications on location. Incorporating the Felchlin Aroma World, clients are guided on a journey into the world of noble chocolate and learn about the passion and enthusiasm we exercise while practicing our handcraft.

Recipes and range

We support our clients when they create their individual chocolate specialties with passion and perfectionism – from the idea to the application. We advise on the character, structure and flavour of pralines and assist with the selection of new praline ranges including their successful launch so that you can enthral your clients with your variety.

Product launch

Would you like to introduce a new product or product range? We can support you on location by actively working with you and your employees to show the most rational production methodology and subtleties in accordance with your requirements and expectations.

Sales schooling

It requires more than the perfect product to successfully market exceptional specialties. To assist in the presentation and sale of your products, we introduce your employees to the secrets of chocolate in a one to two hour schooling which can be conducted internally or externally. Naturally your own wishes and creations are taken into consideration. Our international clients can enjoy the schooling in conjunction with a client visit or on location.