Over 100 years of pleasure

Felchlin is proud of its over 100 year old success story. Max Felchlin began by handling with honey at the beginning of the 20th century and quickly discovered his passion for cacao products. Over time Felchlin has developed into a leading niche producer of noble couverture.

At home in the heart of Switzerland

Felchlin has been in the valley of Schwyz since 1908. The opening of the new company headquarters in Ibach-Schwyz underscores the companies’ solidarity with the region.


Under One Roof

After four years of planning and building, Felchlin unites and moves into the new company headquarters at Gotthardstrasse 11 in Ibach-Schwyz. This centralisation has benefited employees by allowing them to work together more simply and efficiently and encourages the team spirit. As Goethe quoted: "The spirit in which we act is the highest matter."


Green Light for Centralisation

Felchlin acquired the adjoining land to their factory in Ibach-Schwyz. This unique opportunity provided enough land reserve to secure the future development and centralisation of the four scattered Felchlin sites.


New Cacao Roaster

Quality, flexibility and stability characterise Felchlin. To ensure these qualities for future generations, building began on the new cacao roaster in autumn 2012 which was successfully completed in 2014.


100 Years Felchlin

Felchlin celebrates this special anniversary with its clients - chocolatiers, bakers, pastry chefs, confectioners and distributors from around the world.


World Champion

The decision to use noble cacao is rewarded in 2004 with the gold medal for the World’s Best Chocolate – Maracaibo Clasificado 65%.


Focus on Quality

Felchlin defines their direction and places emphasis on the noblest types of cacao to develop the current, world wide prized Grand Cru selection.


Farewell and New Begin

Max Felchlin junior dies on the 18th July. Mourning is deep. He leaves a hole both in the company, that has lost an original patron and motivator, and in the area Schwyz, that lost an avid supporter of both culture and tradition. The business is now run by Christian Aschwanden, CEO since 1992.


Opening New Markets

This is the first time Max Felchlin AG exported products to Japan and the U.S.A. Both countries quickly became the most important markets abroad.


New Construction and Change

The production in Seewen is overflowing, for this reason Max Felchlin builds a new factory in Ibach-Schwyz. Due to financial considerations his company is changed into an open corporation and becomes Max Felchlin AG.


Company Transfer

Max Felchlin senior dies at 87. He had established a renowned world wide chocolate production company, brought it to bloom, steered it through two world wars and left it to his son, Max Felchlin junior. He remains in loving memory in Schwyz not only because of his company, but also due to his charity.


A time of need, a time of thanks

To sweeten the everyday harsh reality of war, Max Felchlin created the cream powder "Sowiso". "Sowiso" was produced in the former sugar storage building in Schwyz, a building Felchlin used for their Condirama until 2018.


Outstanding Praline Cream

Company founder Max Felchlin was a gifted and talented inventor. He created a new novel "Praline- and Nougat mass" and called it "Pralinosa". Still popular amongst bakers and pastry chefs, it is a sought after item.


Swiss Quality Product

The first article Max Felchlin produced himself was "Herbst 1924" (Autumn), a Swiss artificial honey based on herbs that distinguished itself from its international competitors through quality. Almost 100 years later this article is still popular in Felchlin’s product range.


Beginning with honey

The trained businessman Max Felchlin began trading with honey in Schwyz. The foundation of Schwyz as the honey central was set.