In harmony with our self imposed guideline “Cacao Selection Felchlin”, we act in accordance with the philosophy FAIR DIRECT CACAO. We work openly and directly on location with cacao farmers so that they can profit from fair conditions. Due to the consideration taken towards natural resources in the cacao regions, it is possible to conserve these for long-term use so that future generations will continue to prosper and benefit.

Uncompromising quality and sustainability

We uncompromisingly implement our values internally and externally; from the acquisition of raw ingredients, working with cacao farmers, our processes to the further education of employees. We strictly apply external regulations in all facets of our company and production, favouring quality and sustainability in all aspects to the benefit of our partners.

Fair Direct Cacao

Through long-term contracts and enduring relationships with cacao farmers, we are able to directly procure choice cacao for our couverture. Fair prices enable cacao farmers to use natural resources sustainably so that they remain preserved for future generations. In return, Felchlin receives the finest quality cacao, with multi-layered and intensive flavours. FAIR DIRECT CACAO: Sustainability, transparency and quality are lived at Felchlin!

Cacao Sélection Felchlin


Our self imposed guideline ensures the sustainability of our cacao and the traceability of our origin cacao.

We procure the highest quality cacao, multi-faceted and intensive in flavour, as directly as possible.

We import cacao beans with clearly defined origins. The "Cacao Selection Felchlin" is based on the following principles:


  1. We know where our cacao beans are grown.
  2. We cultivate contact to the cacao farmers and local partners and visit them regularly.
  3. We are informed about the working and production conditions in the origin countries.
  4. We pay extensively more than Fairtrade prices for our high quality cacao beans.
  5. We are committed to ensuring that cacao is both socially acceptable for farmers and their families and is in harmony with nature.
  6. Our engagement is long-term and should ensure a secure income for future generations of cacao farmers.
  7. During transport and processing in Switzerland, we conserve natural resources where ever possible. New technologies aid in the constant improvement of energy efficiency.

Additional selected raw ingredients

  • Cacao butter from the first press, without any additional fats
  • Quality Swiss cream, milk products and sugar from beets
  • Controlled GMO-free soya lecithin and sunflower lecithin
  • Pure vanilla from Mananara, Madagascar

Gentle refinement

  • Traditional and modern technology blend original, tried and tested principles
  • The complete process from the cacao bean to our noble couverture in Felchlin’s factory in Ibach-Schwyz