The perfect pleasurable indulgence

Felchlin has created noble chocolate for more than 100 years. High quality cacao beans from different origins are complemented with the finest raw ingredients Switzerland and the world has to offer.

Passion and tradition

With passion, profound specialist knowledge and careful, traditional craftsmanship, 150 Felchlin employees have one aim – to produce the world’s most noble couvertures.

Swiss quality

Long term, transparent and fair partnerships with cacao farmers; careful processing of the cacao beans using traditional craftsmanship, proven techniques and solid specialist knowledge; the highest quality ingredients; an attractive working place for 150 employees whose knowledge is individually nurtured; all these aspects are the epitome of Swiss quality as we embody, understand and live it at Felchlin.

felchlin grand cru

Noble cacaos distinguished with "Cacao Selection Felchlin" originate from selected countries and defined regions. Complimented with exquisite ingredients such as Swiss milk and sugar, the unique and intensive aromas of the Grand Cru cacaos fully unfold as Felchlin craftsmen combine their competence and passion to create the perfect result – couverture in its purest form.

What distinguishes our chocolate

Local and exclusive raw ingredients

Felchlin extends its selection of noble dark couverture to embrace milk couverture. Ingredients include highest quality regional products: The biodiversity of the Swiss nature contributes to the unique quality of our milk and cream. Sugar is also grown in Switzerland. Further selected ingredients, such as organic vanilla, are imported only after imposing strict quality parameter.

Technology meets handcraft

From the bean to the couverture: every step is carried out at Felchlin in Ibach-Schwyz. Many of the process steps are done by hand, for example, the gentle roasting or the ennobling conch process. Where appropriate and important, equipment supports the process steps.

Working with passion

Specialist skills are regularly broadened through the specific promotion of knowledge and competences. Our employees embody the enthusiasm for the raw ingredient cacao and the handcraft of creating chocolate. This exact combination ensures our unique and selected Swiss couvertures.

Quality not quantity

Felchlin is a niche producer of noble Swiss couverture. Our complete focus is on the production of quality and sustainable semi-finished products – this for all clients within the Business-to-Business sector. These include confectioners, bakeries, caterers and industrial enterprises as well as renowned hotels around the world.